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Vietnam has been accepted as a member of the WTO. As a member of the World Trade Organization Vietnam has the opportunity to compete with the other countries whose primary income source is export.

Vietnam was the 150th nation that joined the international body of the WTO. It took ten years of discussions to acquire the membership.

Vietnam Approves Plan for Dong to Trade More Freely

Below are rates of some of the neighboring countries and their exchange rates to compare:

China $1 = 6.85 China Yuan
Malaysia $1 = 3.30 Malaysia Ringgits
Taiwan $1 = 32.10 Taiwan Dollars
South Korean
$1 =1118 Korean Won
Vietnam $1 =17210 Vietnam Dong
The above represents approximate rates as of 4/2/10Exchange rates are subject to change.

Potential Value increase of a 1 Million Vietnamese Dong holding
If the value of Vietnamese Dong increases to:
The resulting value of your 1 Million Dong would be worth:
$0.005 $5,000
$0.01 $10,000
$0.12 $127,000 China Exchange Rate
$0.20 $200,000
What is fueling the Vietnamese economic boom
  • A shift from agriculture to manufacturing. The economic generation through Agriculture has steadily declined in Vietnam, where as comparatively; an increment in production of industrialized goods has been seen in the recent years. Exports of fish by Vietnam have increased by twelve percent, even though fishing companies of U.S and Japanese have taken anti-dumping action against the country. Investments have been made in the Vietnam by electronic companies. Canon even went as far as to build the world’s only factory that produces laser printer in Vietnam. All this increased the high-end goods available from Vietnam.
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI). Foreign companies have been attracted to Vietnam by the availability of land at cheap rates and wages, which are quite low compared to other countries. The government of Vietnam has also facilitated foreign investments by lowering the limit on ownership of business by foreign companies. Vietnam’s FDI has been increased to USD 5.8 billion in the years 2005 – a 41 percent increase. This has also lowered the state owned enterprises.
  • Remittances. An estimated figure of USD 4 million is sent to Vietnam every year as remittance from the number of Vietnamese living outside the country. About seventy percent of this remittance comes from the Vietnamese people living in USA.
    Recent years has seen Vietnam’s economy increase by leap and bounds. Vietnam was left behind by only China in growth of GDP in the Asian countries. This improvement in economy has helped the people of Vietnam with greater life expectancy and a marked decrease in poverty. The economic boom took place near the year of 1995 when relation between USA and Vietnam turned normal and Vietnam became a member of ASEAN. And while the Communist Part of Vietnam is still in power, the central planning has been eroded by the decrease in the enterprises that are state owned and an economic system that is based on the current market.
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