Features of a fake and counterfeited Iraqi Dinar notes Iraqi Dinar , at Tampa Dinar

Features of a fake and counterfeited Iraqi Dinar notes

There are fake Iraqi Dinars in circulation and despite the fact that the new Dinar notes come with some of the best security features around, there are still every possibilities that counterfeiting will still take effect. There are some ways by which you can detect damaged and counterfeited notes and when you notice these features, you will find it less difficult to avoid such scams. The Interior ministry as well as other security agencies has busted a number of people printing fake Dinar notes in recent times and as the value of the Dinar increases, the Government does not seem to know the actual amount of fake notes in circulation.

For counterfeit Dinar currencies, the best way to protect yourself is to protect yourself is by buying from a dealer that has a de la rue currency counterfeiting check, it will also help you get refunds even when you buy online. One of the ways by which you can identify a fake Dinar note is by observing a Golf thread that fakers often include in such notes. Though, several devices are used in the making of fake Dinar notes but one striking feature common to all of them is the inclusion of a Gold thread rather than the normal authentic thread that is found in them.

There are several other features which seem to be missing in fake Dinar notes, for instance, in fake Dinar notes, the letters and writing words are not raised , likewise the visible authentic Dinar images may not be visible when the notes are exposed to UV lights. You will detect the un-raised letterings by running your fingers across the notes and you must check every note under the visible light to reveal the security features in them.

A fake dinar note may also come with a missing watermark feature, this is a feature that is embedded in the Dinar notes and it is represented by the image of a horse which is only visible when the note is placed in front of a light. You will need to check every note of Dinar to be able to detect this. Another feature that might be missing in a fake Dinar note is the metallic ink. This feature is a shiny silver metal material which can be felt by running your fingers across the region where it is located.

Aside he missing of any of the security features, a fake dinar note may also fail the blank test. Horse heads and water marks can be detected on a dinar note with the help of a backlight while a currency detection pen can be used to detect any form of changing colours. When you tilt the 10,000 and the 25,000 Iraqi Dinar notes back and forth, you will notice the presence of a Hologram, the absence of this Hologram on a note will signify that it is nothing but a fake.

It is very important to buy Dinar notes from registered dealers.