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What is Iraqi Dinar? The fastest growing currency in the world backed by oil, natural gas and gold.

Most undervalued currency In the Middle East. Worth $3.30 Prior to Sanctions Fast Forward 2013 no sanctions. Unlimited possibilities.

Discover the possibilities hidden in the fastest growing economy in the World. For more information on Iraq watch the video and open the graphs below..

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Iraqi Dinar

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Iraqi Dinar Currency Time Line

Are you looking to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?

Many people have already figured out that having good investments can help them build wealth or plan for retirement. In fact, over half of the American population owns stock that is freely traded on the New York Stock Exchange. But knowing you want to invest is only half the answer, the hard part is knowing what to invest in.

There are people that spend their whole lives trying to “beat” the stock market and even they cannot agree on what the best strategies are. So how can you be sure you’re making the safest choices that will yield the highest results? The stock market can be a dangerous place where only a few prosper, a majority of the people who invest in the stock market actually lose some or all of their money each year. The solution? Stop following the heard and pave your own path to success and wealth.

Foreign currency is becoming a popular way that many people are using to diversify their portfolio and gain serious competitive financial advantage.

When considering a county's foreign currency to add to your portfolio, there are many facts to consider. What does this country export? What is the country unemployment rate? What is the country inflation rate and growth rate? Does the country hold potential for growth?

The Iraqi dinar currency makes sense now more than ever. Let’s take a look at these statistics:

  • United States: $16.5 trillion dollars in debt
    Iraq: has a debt of only $51 billion dollars
  • United States: Inflation rate has been 4% but since the economic downfall can be as much as 8 – 25% depending on the sector
    Iraq: Inflation rate is 3.61%
  • United States: Real Growth Rate of GDP is 5.5%
    Iraq: Real Growth Rate of GDP is 10.2%
  • What do these statistics mean? It paints a picture of a very stable economic environment that is steadily prospering. It might be difficult to understand how a country that seems to stable right now can have such a weak currency. The answer lies with Iraq’s unfortunate leadership by a dictator disliked the world-over. Iraq’s former leader Saddam Hussein was removed in 2003 and since then the Iraqi Dinar has increased in value over 300%.

    When the global economy is unstable and the usual investments are no longer a safe bet, then it is time to branch out and try new things. You can see over the past few years that the dinar has been shown solid and steady growth for all those who have given it a chance.

    Conditions are rapidly improving in Iraq, it is a better time than ever to consider the Iraqi Dinar. As others continue to lose money with traditional investments in the stock market, you can find success and stability by investing in foreign currency like the Iraqi Dinar.

    There is much to be said about the interpretation of reality these days, it is very easy to allow mass hysteria to take hold of us and make us go crazy about what we are hearing and seeing in the media. He did this and she did that, oh no don't let so and so go crazy, wow I cant believe that happened. Then there is a flip side to this madness, we are all human and are driven by emotion and chaos. The madness is what makes us feel safe at home, it is what drives us to excel, the same can be said to why so many bad choices are done.

    The bottom line is the news media are like doctors they are paid to give you a good feeling not to fix the world or give you truth. A doctor gets a commission with every prescription he or she gives you and is in no way a miracle worker, they give you what you need to give a temporary fix until you come back.

    Now a stock broker in the same way makes money if you win or loose and sometimes even more money when you loose. A financial consultant also in the same way, all businesses give kick backs in order for you to buy. Hey I will be direct with you, if you get me 10 more people I will give you something too. It is just the way things work. So, when choosing an investment or anything to buy for any type of return, do your homework.

    There are 3 easy steps, put your money in things other people are not investing in if you do you will be doing what Warren Buffet does, lead don't follow.

    Secondly, buy low sell high is easier said than done but a simple step to remember is when everyone is afraid it is time for you to capitalize on your hard work if you buy when everyone else does you will never make any money.

    Third and most important step diversify your investments and remember when you put your money into anything remember that an investment is something you leave and let grow, don't expect overnight success.

    The information provided below is just that, information. It is not to be construed as investment advice. You should always contact a financial adviser before making any investment and create a strategy that fits your financial objectives.

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