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What is Iraqi Dinar? The fastest growing currency in the world backed by oil, natural gas and gold.

Most undervalued currency In the Middle East. Worth $3.30 Prior to Sanctions Fast Forward 2013 no sanctions. Unlimited possibilities.

Discover the possibilities hidden in the fastest growing economy in the World. For more information on Iraq watch the video and open the graphs below..

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Iraqi Dinar Currency Time Line

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Many people have already figured out that having good investments can help them build wealth or plan for retirement. In fact, over half of the American population owns stock that is freely traded on the New York Stock Exchange. But knowing you want to invest is only half the answer, the hard part is knowing what to invest in.

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When considering a county's foreign currency to add to your portfolio, there are many facts to consider. What does this country export? What is the country unemployment rate? What is the country inflation rate and growth rate? Does the country hold potential for growth?

The Iraqi dinar currency makes sense now more than ever. Let’s take a look at these statistics:

  • United States: $16.5 trillion dollars in debt
    Iraq: has a debt of only $51 billion dollars
  • United States: Inflation rate has been 4% but since the economic downfall can be as much as 8 – 25% depending on the sector
    Iraq: Inflation rate is 3.61%
  • United States: Real Growth Rate of GDP is 5.5%
    Iraq: Real Growth Rate of GDP is 10.2%
  • What do these statistics mean? It paints a picture of a very stable economic environment that is steadily prospering. It might be difficult to understand how a country that seems to stable right now can have such a weak currency. The answer lies with Iraq’s unfortunate leadership by a dictator disliked the world-over. Iraq’s former leader Saddam Hussein was removed in 2003 and since then the Iraqi Dinar has increased in value over 300%.

    When the global economy is unstable and the usual investments are no longer a safe bet, then it is time to branch out and try new things. You can see over the past few years that the dinar has been shown solid and steady growth for all those who have given it a chance.

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Economic parliamentary: Iraq delayed budget cost debt for a period of ten years to come

April 16, 2014 12:24 PM 4-16-14BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude -Confirmed the parliamentary Economic Committee, that the delay in adoption of thebudget holds Iraq debt financial lasts for ten years to come. A member of the Committee Murabi Hussein in a press statement, said that Iraq is losingfive billion dinars a month, due to lack of adoption of the budget. He Murabi the conduct of the affairs of the country now depends on the frozen funds, which cost Iraq significant financial losses. It is noteworthy that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives has decided toextend the work of the Council for one month until the fifteenth of November next, and was scheduled to take the members of the House of Representatives holiday the currentlegislative term in the fifteenth of the month of October. It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives and with the near parliamentaryEnded 7
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Iraqi Dinar/Dollar auction results 4-16-2014

April 16, 2014 12:17 PM Currency auction results Announcement No. (2653)Was the opening of bids for the Commission on the sale and purchase dollar daily six hundred and fifty-three after two thousand to buy and sell foreign currency at the Central Bank of Iraq on Wednesday, the day on 04. 16. 2014 and the results were as follows:1. Note that:2. quantity sold in the amount of cash (24. 925 million) dollars and the quantity sold in the amount of remittances (193 803 000) dollars. 3. continue CBI buying and selling of the dollar and the price (1166) and receive the same commission mentioned (Arabic site translated)
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Central: High gold reserves in Iraq, helping to stabilize the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar

April 16, 2014 12:10 PM April 16, 2014 10:17Central Bank of Iraq high reserves of pure gold to 90 tonnes, after the purchase of 60 tons during the past two months, and through contracts with international companies Stamping gold in order to diversify the means of public savings and activate the gold market deal. The central bank said in a press statement that this is one of the tools of monetary policy to stabilize the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar. According to the newspaper brotherhood to it, said a member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament Najeebeh Najib said that the Iraqi Central Bank is the competent authority to put the monetary policy of the Iraqi economy, through diversification of trading means savings for the public, indicating that the agreements and contracts concluded by the central bank with international companies Mint gold bullion is positive phase represents the right way for a strong economy. and explained that the reserve grand gold in Iraqi banks represent the real guarantee for the Iraqi economy from any Chuck emergency affecting the country due to economic fluctuations. and demanded Najib Iraqi government to increase the reserve of gold metal, pointing out that the Iraqi government are obliged to diversify the Iraqi economy and ICON dependence on oil and gas largely basic, so you must save gold to be a supporter bulk of the Iraqi economy. For his part, said economic expert Jacob teacher, said that the case with the policy of great economic represented a reserve large gold pure in Iraqi banks is a positive phase, represents a line graph economically rising for the better, he said, adding that high reserves pure gold during the last two months to make Iraq in the first third of the rankings private reserves, global central banks gold. and added that the entry of the World Gold to Iraq is to activate the gold market and the diversification of saving the countrys economic, knowing that the gold Iraqi was not affected by the entry of gold the United Arab Emirates and Turkey in the local market. said the teacher that the policy of saving for the gold alloy is global economic policy followed by the more advanced countries, and that this policy gives enough strength to advance economically and commercially. mubasher. info
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Central defends the procedures followed in the auction currency

April 16, 2014 12:07 PM 4-16-14Tomorrows Press / BAGHDAD: The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank Abdel Basset Turki, Wednesday, that the lengthy discussions took place between Iraq and the IMF and the World Bank in Washington on last instructions issued by the central bank with respect to the auction sale of foreign currency. said Abdul Basit Turki for tomorrow Press , The World Bank expressed doubts about some of the paragraphs of the window from the sale of the currency in Iraq and assumed by the central bank, pointing out that he was to clarify all of those items for each of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and representatives of the U. S. Treasury Department. and added that the recent results to sell the currency proved the success of the procedures, as well as achieving economic results acceptable was the stability of the exchange rate of the currency and provide currency for banks smoothly and without any crises. and stressed that discussions are still ongoing with the U. S. Treasury Department about the activation of financial relations between Washington and
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U.S. Bank is expected to significantly increase revenues Zain Group when you ask the third-generation technologies in Iraq

April 16, 2014 11:58 AM 4-16-14(Independent) . . outlook is optimistic for operations in Iraq, when you ask the third generation and start listing Hafez Bank JPMorgan on the recommendation of Zain at the level of neutrality, estimated the fair price for the companys shares to 780 fils, the price increases by 16 percent of the value of the stock market price to the level of recent trading. The World Bank has expressed the U. S. in the financial report issued by the newly informed by the (independent) an optimistic outlook for the Groups operations during the year 2014, with the expectation that check operations of Zain increase in the volume of net profit by 8. 2 percent, and an increase in the size of the consolidated revenue increased by 2 percent, as expected to increase earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation by about 1 percent, note that Zain was achieved consolidated revenues worth 4. 38 billion dollars, and made a profit before interest, tax, depreciation $ 1. 9 billion, and a net profit of 764 million dollars for the year 2013. The report attributed this optimistic view to the Groups operations in Iraq, as adopted in the future outlook for returns to be reaped by the group at the launch third generation technologies, and rewards to be reaped from launches IPO of part of its shares on the Iraq Stock Exchange, which is expected to be operations Begun during the current year according to what was said by official sources in the group earlier. The operations of Zain Iraq had achieved a net profit of 361 million dollars, while the total amount of revenue of $ 1. 7 billion, while made a profit before interest, tax and depreciation of $ 714 million in the year 2013. The report went to the distributions financial Zain Group for the year 2013, where he described that she was attractive, as it made the dividend yield on the stock by 7. 5 percent (the size of the dividend reached 690 million U. S. dollars) note that these distributions are the highest in the Kuwait Stock Exchange . And the operations of Zain Saudi Arabia maintained JPMorgan on the recommendation of the companys shares at a level (neutrality), has expressed his outlook is optimistic regarding its operations, as expected the company to increase the size of the revenue by 8. 4 percent, and reduce the company of the size of its loss to about 19. 4 percent through the year 2014. The Zain Saudi Arabia was reported revenue of $ 1. 8 billion dollars, an increase of 5 percent, while the company achieved a profit before interest, tax, depreciation worth 237 million dollars with a rise of 1 percent in the year 2013. (End)
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Time: Iraq ranked fifth among the most hatred for America

April 16, 2014 11:54 AM 04/16/2014BAGHDAD / agenciesQuoted Time magazine American, a study conducted by the Center, Gallup, International Studies, in partnership with the Center for Meridian International American, that the peoples of the nine countries are the most hatred for the United States, where he two-thirds of the citizens of five of them expressed dissatisfaction with the current U. S. administration, and Iraq came in fifth place, where over 67% of its citizens for their aversion to the leadership of the U. S. . study pointed out that several motives caused the result, including the collapse of the powers the U. S. , and its involvement in foreign conflicts, and as a result faded image of a strong front of the world. study added, The reason behind hatred of some countries to the United States to its relationship with Israel; are first recognized by, and became Americas first partner in the Middle East, and considered that the situation of crisis more closely with countries in the Middle East for the lack of clarity of the objectives of U. S. policy in the region. The study began in the Palestinian territories, where he nearly 80% disagreed with the U. S. administration; due to the long conflict with Israel, an ally of America, the initial and the worlds major. Occupied Pakistan ranked second, where the voice of 73% of the population on their disapproval of U. S. leadership; what caused the United States during the chase al-Qaeda and hit their strongholds in Pakistan. came to Lebanon in the third place, as opposed to 71% of its citizens on American leadership; of the current Lebanon from a long struggle with Israel, and considering Washington Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist movement. and occupied people Yemeni ranked fourth among the inhabitants of the countries most hatred for the United States in the world, across at least 69% of the citizens about their distaste for American leadership; Guantanamo prisons are filled with more than a hundred Yemeni citizen. And Iraq came in fifth place, where over 67% of its citizens for their aversion to the leadership of the U. S. ; what caused the long history of conflict between the two countries, beginning with the Gulf War in 1991, which was followed by the war in Iraq in 2003 and for more than ten years. Was shared by Egypt and Slovenia ranked sixth, 57%, were followed by Iran with 56%, then 54% of Tunisia.
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Rise in the general index of the Iraqi market at todays meeting the financial

April 16, 2014 11:47 AM 4-16-14Tomorrows Press / Baghdad: general index of the Iraqi market for securities in session, Wednesday, fourth meetings this week by 0. 27 percent, reaching 110. 44 points compared with 110. 14 points, had scored in the previous session. reporter said, Tomorrows Press, The special bulletin market She explained that the number of shares traded in todays session amounted to one billion and 225. 814 million shares worth more than one billion and 998. 279 million dinars, achieved through the implementation of 503 contract traded. , he said, the number of companies traded in todays session stood at 46 out of 73 companies listed electronically, shares of 20 companies, including a decline in the shares of 15 companies and 11 companies maintained their rates unchangedIt is said that the Iraqi market for securities held five meetings a week from Sunday to Thursday
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Sumaisem warns of World Bank loans: further evidence on the mismanagement of economic resources in Iraq

April 16, 2014 11:42 AM BAGHDAD arenas of Liberationwarned an economic expert peace Sumaisem, the Ministry of Finance to borrow money from the World Bank, so what constitutes significant risk to the Iraqi economy. She said, Iraqs budget does not need financial loans from the World Bank to bridge the deficit, the fact that the budget deficit by default and is not realistic, adding that the international loans to Iraqs economy will be significant risks it is difficult to fulfill all its international loans. She explained Sumaisem that borrowing to cover the deficit and the way is difficult and dangerous, an issue that may clog the deficit temporarily, but its impact in the future and a tent, a way that is responsible in processing the economic deficit and further evidence on the mismanagement of economic resources in Iraq and indicate economic policy is not rational. They believed that the most important effects that may not be understandable to decision-makers is the weak bargaining position of Iraq with international organizations, particularly the World Bank specifically, as a result of these measures, pointing out that the World Bank had finished his project of reform and restructuring of State-owned banks without achieving any success, but added troubled him clear to the task of restructuring the Office of Management and stumbled his performance. The Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, announced last Sunday, that Iraq is preparing to offer a program of the World Bank purports it to get a loan to bridge the shortfall in the budget for the current year, while noting that there are talks with the World Bank to provide financial liquidity for projects if they are not provided by the government.
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U.S. report: Iraq is struggling to avoid disintegration amid growing violence and political paralysis

April 16, 2014 11:36 AM Washington arenas of liberation of Ali Al-ShammariNewspaper, Christian Science Monitor that Iraq is facing the biggest test as a state and the people, explaining that with the approach of the first elections in the country since the departure of U. S. forces four years ago, Iraq is struggling to avoid disintegration amid growing violence and political paralysis. The paper quotes Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari as saying that Iraq since it was established was a victim of geography and history, and according to this portal Zebari, the newspaper reported in a report yesterday that Iraq now faces a moment of noisy and binding in geography and history, after 11 years of invasion Americas toppled Saddam Hussein, which is the country of the Arab state dominant to something completely different, the question revolves around whether the internal divisions plaguing the country could lead to the disintegration at the end of the day. and follow American newspaper: In all parts of the the country, show splits new in the political and social landscape, and accommodate the differences that interacted for decades under the diversity doctrinal in Iraq, in Nineveh province, wants the governor and a situation like the autonomy that has been granted to the Kurds. Kurds themselves who are separated from the control of the central government set up links with Iran and their enemy the previous Turkey. and added in Anbar province in the west, turned Sunni protests against marginalization and mistreatment to violence, making the movement, which began as a protest Salma more extreme, and in Fallujah, which saw the worst fighting the U. S. , the war boil again, while not still some Sunni neighborhoods in Baghdad closed mainly in some days under the restriction of the security forces of attempts to get in and out of them. explains Although the majority of Iraqis are hoping to keep their coherent, others are concerned that powers the phenomenon of escalating violence and fighting religious can that lead to the Balkanization of the country, but warns that the disintegration of Iraq will have big implications for the Middle East and beyond. It would re-adjust the balance of power and the start of a larger struggle for control of the components of the weakest in Iraq and the oil fields, huge in it. concludes the paper that In spite of the bleak situation, but Iraq has not yet become like Yugoslavia, elections are to be held on 30 current will be an important test of the extent of the cohesion of the country.
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Urgent al-Hakim: The concept of the rentier state dependent on oil and the budgets of Iraq ended the next must all tested maximizes resources

April 16, 2014 11:31 AM 4-16-14{Muthanna: Euphrates News} The president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim said the concept of the rentier state dependent on oil and the budgets of Iraq ended the next must all tested maximizes resources. Mr. Ammar al-Hakim in a speech during the ceremonial mass to announce the program of the coalition of citizen {273} in Muthanna province today, Who wants to have his own foothold in the map of the future, he has to think of now, the means and methods, mechanisms and laws that give people well-being is not restricted sector economic mono, noting that the advancement of Iraq requires a renaissance in all fields and sectors of the state, follows
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Legal: non-adoption of the budget allows Parliament to extend the life of the post-June 14

April 16, 2014 11:21 AM 16. 04. 2014 (0:01 pm) Baghdad / Mohammad SabahHe said deputies and legal, on Tuesday, that the Constitution allows the extension of the life of the parliamentary session beyond June 14 next for the purpose of passing the budget, stressing that carried over to the next session of unconstitutional. As expected the new parliament in next September, swung to asylum for political blocs to the meeting open to gain time and complete the negotiations.turn confirms an economist that failure to approve the budget will affect the development plans in the country, saying that the state will live in a state of zero growth, and it will be consuming only.Under the Financial Administration Act and the Public Debt No. 95 of 2004 as amended in Section 7, paragraph 4, as follows: If not ratified the relevant national legislative authority to the federal budget to 31 a month in December, Vlozir financial assent and on the basis of the authentication monthly, funds and spending units until the proportion of 1/12 of the actual allocations the previous financial year until the ratification of the budget. And that money can be used only for the payment of obligations, salaries, pensions and expenses of Social Security and debt service.In this context, the Attorney gentle Mustafa, a member of the legal committee, said that the postponement of the budget to the next parliamentary session is unconstitutional, adding that Article 57 stipulates that House of Representatives session of the annual two legislative running for eight months, determines the rules of procedure of how they shall be held, it does not end separate session which has been the general budget only after approval. confirms Mustafa, in an interview for the long yesterday, saying, According to this constitutional article entitled the House of Representatives to extend the work beyond June 14 next, in the event of failure to pass a bill the federal budget. and predicted a member of the legal committee, but Parliament meets new fast, citing that the announcement of the results will be delayed for more than a month, and the submission of appeals will also need to another month, and the ratification of the appeals before the Federal Court in turn need for the month of the third. and likely a member of the mass change of the Kurdish that the convening of the new parliament in September next, noting that the Constitution in Article (54) states that the president calls the House of Representatives to convene by a presidential decree within fifteen days from the date of approval of the results of the general election, and the meeting will be held under the chairmanship of the oldest member, to elect a president and two deputies, may not be extended for more than the previously mentioned period. and MP gentle Mustafa that the new parliament will be the observer on exchange carried out by the caretaker government of the salaries and expenses of the social and others. In the same context, confirms the former MP Wael Abdul Latif, long, that the end of the current parliamentary session will be 13 next June on the grounds that the first meeting was held on June 14 for the year 2010, noting that can the current parliament to pass a bill the federal budget in the remaining period in the event of a political agreement on this. draws Abdullatif that the third parliamentary session begins legitimacy from June 14 next, explaining that the members of the next session For Aapashron their work only after swearing in accordance with Article 50 of the Constitution, which stipulates that the lead member of the House of Representatives was sworn in to the council, before starting their work, noting that the Constitution prevents new members to enjoy the privileges of salaries and other unless a sworn which after approval by the Federal Court on the names of the winners. and wondering legal expert said, Are you held the Council on June 14 next to elect the President of the Council of Representatives and his deputies?, or is it that this election depends on the candidate the presidency of the Council of Ministers and is linked to Presidential candidate?, saying that it was in If there is no political consensus on the distribution of positions will be an open meeting and will not be in session. In the meantime, describes the economic expert, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the state budget as a tool planning and implementation of programs, and believed that the disabled within the House of Representatives is to disrupt the plans and programs. and mentions Saleh, during an interview with the long, that the government has authorized spending as its available exchange a twelfth month ie dividing the 12 months to the total budget last year, but he stresses that all the planning for the current year and the coming years Satlko in Full. and confirms the economic expert said that all the projects and appointments will stop and therefore, the country would be in a recession, which will push the Prime Minister to the exchange rate of 1/12 of the previous budget salaries and the salaries and expenses of the social. He pointed a former official at the Iraqi Central Bank to it In the event turned into a caretaker government can exchange the money for the salaries and expenses of all social exchange and will be restricted, pointing out that the state will live in a zero-growth which only consume without the presence of any progress in the economic life.
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Economy parliamentary calls to invest the money in the frozen state banks

April 16, 2014 11:14 AM 04/16/2014BAGHDAD / JD / . . Committee called on the economy and investment representative, to the need to invest the money frozen in banks government banker Rafidain and Rasheed in development projects to boost the economy and development in the country.The decision of the Committee Deputy Mahma Khalil told / JD /: The freezing of funds in the Rafidain and Rasheed without investment is the phenomenon of unhealthy and harmful to the economy in terms of its impact on inflation in the light of the interest rates, calling to move in development projects serve the country.He added that Iraq lacks the fertile investment environment through which brings companies and foreign capital, because of political disputes and crises, and the local bureaucracy and other obstacles that have prevented the exploitation of economic fundamentals enjoyed by the country, which adapts its investors.He pointed out: that the Iraqi government has failed to create the right investment climate for businesses despite the availability of funds and manpower, as well as legislation that were not within the required level, where most of them are repulsive to invest and not attractive.The Trade Bank of Iraq, had announced in the previous year for investing his money in the field of aviation where he bought aircraft was leased to airlines. / 8 /
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World Bank reports show significant progress in the development of the Iraqi economy

April 16, 2014 10:59 AM 04/16/2014Baghdad and babysit Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, Wednesday, that Iraq is going through a period of development by good reports have been discussed by the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.Safi said in a press statement that the World Bank expressed satisfaction with the progress in the Iraqi economy, which is active in recent years as a result of the expansion of investment operations for the exploitation of its natural resources optimally. He said the net that the report of the World Bank about the Iraqi economy showed clear improvement in the countrys economy, but he also warned of the risk of increasing pressure on the Iraqi budget because of the high overhead and delay in approving the budget for the country, pointing out that the Bank will develop a study to assess the economic situation to be accurate and provide the necessary support needed by Iraq in the implementation of strategic projects. He added that the meetings detailed underway between Iraq and the IMF and the World Bank on projects implemented by international institutions affiliated to them in Iraq as projects external road link between Iraq and neighboring countries and the dry canal project, adding, it was also discussed observations and reports that you see those international institutions on the process economic and financial management in Iraq and the mechanism to deal with the Iraqi budget. He pointed out that Iraq will be present at all meetings of the IMF and World Bank Aldollin addition to the meetings to be held by the World Bank at its headquarters in Amman p / i
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Fifty members resign from party Talabani and Barzani are joining the party

April 16, 2014 10:50 AM 04/16/2014 13:09Agencies A source at the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Wednesday, for the provision of 50 members, including the deputy administrator Union regulations in the province of Nineveh, resignations, and joining the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Massoud Barzani.The source said in a press statement, The 50 members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, including the deputy administrator Union regulations in Nineveh province, Sheikh Mahmoud Sarji made, today, resigned from the party. The source, who asked not to be named, said: resigned from the Union Party announced joining the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by Massoud Barzani. P / h
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UrgentAllawi arrives to Arbil, meets with Barzani

April 16, 2014 10:22 AM Arbil -The president of the National Coalition (Watania), Iyad Allawi arrived to the city of Arbil on Sunday 15, April. An informed source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: Allawi met with the regions president, Massoud Barzani in the resort of Salahuddin to discuss a number of important issues, including the upcoming parliamentary elections.
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Board of Commissioners looking with U.S. Embassy for success of elections.

April 16, 2014 10:22 AM BAGHDAD / Nina / Chairman of the Electoral Commission Serbst Mustafa looked with a delegation from the U. S. embassy the Commissions preparations to hold the coming elections and ways to make it work successfully. A statement by the Commission today , said : Mustafa presented during a meeting with the Embassys political Adviser Tom Cold Barker and the accompanying delegation a presentation related to the efforts and the work of the Commission to hold elections for the House of Representatives and provincial councils of Kurdistan region as well as the election of Iraqis in abroad , and the process of distribution of electronic card to voters. Mustafa said during the meeting the Commission plans to enable the displaced people in the unstable areas of Anbar province and other provinces of suitable conditions to cast their ballots.
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Chinese GDP 7.4% vs. 7.3% forecast

April 16, 2014 5:21 AM Chinas gross domestic product fell less-than-expected last month, official data showed on Wednesday. In a report, National Bureau of Statistics of China said that Chinese GDP fell to an annual rate of 7. 4%, from 7. 7% in the preceding month. Analysts had expected Chinese GDP to fall to 7. 3% last offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets. Read more News on and download the new Stocks Forex App for Android!
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Chinese retail sales 12.2% vs. 12.1% forecast

April 16, 2014 4:21 AM Retail sales in China rose more-than-expected last month, official data showed on Wednesday. In a report, National Bureau of Statistics of China said that Chinese Retail Sales rose to an annual rate of 12. 2%, from 11. 8% in the preceding month. Analysts had expected Chinese Retail Sales to rise to 12. 1% last offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets. Read more News on and download the new Stocks Forex App for Android!
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Asian shares gain on China GDP, Nikkei boosted by SoftBank

April 16, 2014 3:21 AM Asian shares posted gains on the back of better than expected first quarter growth figures from China, though other data showed a weak spot for March industrial production, while in Japan SoftBank pulled the Nikkei 225 higher. Chians first quarter GDP rose 7. 4%, while March retail sales increased 12. 2%, slightly above 12. 1% expected, and March industrial output rose 8. 8%, slightly below the 9. 0% expected. Economists expected China GDP growth slowed to 7. 3% year-on-year, from a gain of 7. 7% in the previous quarter. In the morning session, the Nikkei 225 rose 2. 26%, the Shanghai Composite gained 0. 26% and the Hang Seng index rose 0. 63%. The Nikkei benefitted from gains for Softbank Corp. (9984. TOK) up 8. 3%, after earnings at Chinese e-commerce giant Alibabain which SoftBank owns a 37% stakeshowed that profits more than doubled in 4Q to over $1. 3 billion. SoftBank is a heavy weight in the Nikkei index. Overnight, the Dow 30 rose 0. 55%, the SP 500 index rose 0. 68%, while the Nasdaq index rose 0. 28%. Biotech, Internet and other tech companies plunged last week on concerns that valuations have grown too frothy after a five-year bull market fueled in part by loose monetary policies, though bottom fishing this week reversed much of the techs losses. On the data front, solid inflation figures offset soft housing and regional manufacturing numbers and drew applause as well, solidifying expectations that the economy is in less need of Federal Reserve stimulus measures though benchmark borrowing costs will still remain low for some time to come. The Labor Department reported earlier that the U. S. consumer price index rose 0. 2% in March, exceeding expectations for a 0. 1% gain, after a 0. 1% uptick the previous month. The on-year rate rose 1. 5% in March, beating estimates for a 1. 4% gain though still below the Feds 2% target. The core consumer price index, which excludes volatile food and energy items, rose 0. 2% last month, beating estimates for a 0. 1% increase, after a 0. 1% gain in February. The on-year core consumer prices index rose 1,7%, beating estimates for the index to remain unchanged at 1. 6%. Elsewhere, a separate report showed that the Empire State manufacturing index fell to 1. 3 for April from 5. 6 in March, defying expectations for a rise to 8. 2. Separately, the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index came in at 47 for April, missing market calls for a reading of 50. Readings below 50 mean more builders view market conditions as poor than favorable, and Aprils showing marked the third consecutive month of a number below that threshold. After the close of European trade, the DJ Euro Stoxx 50 fell 1. 24%, Frances CAC 40 fell 0. 89%, while Germanys DAX fell 1. 77%. Meanwhile, in the U. K. the FTSE 100 fell 0. 64%. On Wednesday, the U. S. is to produce reports on housing starts, building permits and industrial offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets. Read more News on and download the new Stocks Forex App for Android!
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U.S. stocks open higher after data, earnings; Dow Jones up 0.30%

April 16, 2014 12:20 AM U. S. stocks opened higher on Tuesday, after U. S. consumer price inflation data came out slightly above market expectations and the release of fresh first-quarter earnings reports. During early U. S. trade, the Dow 30 rose 0. 30%, the SP 500 gained 0. 39%, while the Nasdaq advanced 0. 48%. Official data showed that U. S. consumer price inflation rose 0. 2% in March, exceeding expectations for a 0. 1% gain, after a 0. 1% uptick the previous month. Core consumer price inflation, which excludes food and energy, rose 0. 2% last month, more than the expected 0. 1% increase, after a 0. 1% gain in February. A separate report showed that the Empire State manufacturing index fell to 1. 3 this month, from a reading of 5. 6 in March, compared to expectations for a rise to 8. 2. Before the opening bell, Coca-Cola (NYSE:CCE) reported earnings per share of 44 cents on $10. 58 billion in revenue, compared to expectations of earnings of 44 cents a share on $10. 55 billion in sales, sending shares up 2. 69%. Johnson Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) shares rallied 1. 14% after the company posted first-quarter earnings of $1. 54 a share on $18. 1 billion in revenue, above analysts expectations. Among tech stocks, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) gained 0. 84% after the company said on Monday that it acquired Titan Aerospace, a maker of high-altitude, solar-powered satellites that provides access to data services around the world. Elsewhere, Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) added 0. 15% after the entertainment companys $950 million agreement to buy Maker Studios was reaffirmed by the online video company on Monday. The announcement put an end to a last-minute offer from Relativity Media LLC. Other stocks likely to be in focus included Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) and Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO), scheduled to report quarterly results after the closing bell. Across the Atlantic, European stock markets were mixed. The DJ Euro Stoxx 50 inched up 0. 05%, Frances CAC 40 rose 0. 21%, Germanys DAX declined 0. 44%, while Britains FTSE 100 dipped 0. 03%. During the Asian trading session, Hong Kongs Hang Seng tumbled 1. 60%, while Japans Nikkei 225 gained 0. 62%. Investors still remained cautious as the U. S. and the European Union said that they are considering further sanctions against Moscow after pro-Russian separatists on Monday ignored an ultimatum to leave occupied government buildings in eastern Ukraine. Market participants were eyeing a meeting scheduled on Thursday in Geneva between the U. S. , the EU, Ukraine and Russia, with hopes it will bring a political resolution to escalating tensions in Eastern offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets. Read more News on and download the new Stocks Forex App for Android!
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